Top 50 Blogs for First-Time Parents


For many first-time parents, seeing the ultrasound of their baby makes the whole thing more “real.” Seeing one’s baby can encourage one to learn a little bit more about parenting, and strive to be better parents. However, it can be difficult to decide what parenting style to adopt. While health care professionals can lend insight and offer advice, it can also help to learn from other parents just like you. Here are 50 great blogs that first-time parents can read to help them figure out how to be the best they can be:

Pregnancy and Birth

Many first-time parents are concerned about giving their baby the best start. This means a healthy pregnancy. If you are interested in learning more about a healthy pregnancy, as well as your birth options, these blogs can help you.

  1. Ob/Gyn Kenobi: Learn more about pregnancy, health and childbirth from this doctor.
  2. At Your Cervix: This labor and delivery nurse offers helpful information on childbirth.
  3. Navelgazing Midwife: This midwife offers insights into natural childbirth and healthy pregnancy.
  4. Fit Pregnancy: Learn more about having a health pregnancy, and staying fit throughout.
  5. What to Expect: Great blogs and insights that can help you understand pregnancy and have a healthy pregnancy.
  6. Pregnancy: Learn more about pregnancy, what to expect, and how to be healthy throughout.
  7. Stand and Deliver: Learn more about natural childbirth, your options and being a parent.
  8. Pregnancy Advice: This offers helpful information on a successful pregnancy.
  9. Babyfruit: This blog about pregnancy, miscarriage and pregnancy is inspiring and helpful.
  10. The Postpartum Stress Center: Offers great insights and support for those struggling with postpartum stress and depression.

Child Health and Development

Learn more about child health and wellness. These blogs can help you learn how to care for your little one at birth, and as he or she grows. Keep up with the information you need to ensure that your child has the best possible start. Includes some blogs that focus on parenting children with special needs and development issues.

  1. Thrive: This is the blog from Children’s Hospital Boston on pediatric health.
  2. Pediatrics Blog: Get information related to your child’s health.
  3. Dr. Nabong’s Pediatric Blog: A look at news, information and tips related to keeping your child healthy.
  4. Joy’s Autism Blog: Learn more about raising an autistic child.
  5. Adventures in Autism: Another blog offering insight into life with autism.
  6. Parenting Teens: Get solid information and help on parenting teens and keeping them healthy in body and mind.
  7. Infant, Child, and Teen Health: This Healia blog offers great information on raising healthy children.
  8. Ann’s Learning Disabilities Blog: A great resource for parents whose child has learning disabilities.
  9. Special Needs Blog: Read more about parenting children with special needs.
  10. Freedom to Learn: An interesting blog from Psychology Today about learning — especially with ADHD.

Childhood Issues and Trends

Are you concerned about how to parent children and teenagers in an increasingly confusing and complex world? These parenting blogs offer insight and information on the latest issues affecting children and parents, as well as trends in parenting. Includes great blogs on green parenting.

  1. Mom Logic: A great place to go to learn more about trends facing children and parents.
  2. Momsational!: News, tips and more about the issues that affect children and parents.
  3. Connect with Your Teens: Learn about what is going on with teenagers, and how to keep in touch with what’s important to them.
  4. The Parenting Coach: Learn more about parenting, navigating tricky issues faced by children and teens, and more.
  5. ParentDish: News, trends and tips on better parenting, with reference to what your child is interested in.
  6. Radical Parenting: This is an interesting site that includes parenting advice — from kids.
  7. The Green Mom Review: A blog that can help you learn more about products that can help you with greener parenting.
  8. Green and Natural Parenting Blog: A look at green parenting and tips for incorporating the principles in your life.
  9. Mindful Momma: Learn more about parenting in a more sustainable way.
  10. Suburban Turmoil: Issues related to raising children and the trends that they are interested in.
  11. Parenting Blog: Help dealing with issues that come with raising children.

Being a Parent

Being a parent can be tough. The following blogs can help you connect with other parents, and learn what to expect. You might be overwhelmed by your new role as a parent, but these blogs on parenting and being a parent can help you cope — and find your footing.

  1. The Busy Dad Blog: Get information on being a dad.
  2. Keeps you up to date on being a mom, and how you can cope with the challenges of parenthood.
  3. GeekDad: This father blogs about being a geek and a dad.
  4. MomGrind: This mom blogs about social issues, health, wellness and other things related to being a woman.
  5. RebelDad: Learn more about parenting as a dad from this insightful and thoughtful father.
  6. Jobs and Moms: Resources for moms who are trying to balance work outside the home and parenting.
  7. Daddy Types: Find out more about coping with life as a parent.
  8. Mama-Om: Looking for peace while you parent.
  9. The New Dad Blog: Insight advice and help on being a new daddy.
  10. Adventures in Parenting: Advice and more about coping with the challenges of parenting.
  11. The Bean Blog: Issues in parenting, tips and helpful advice.
  12. Haluski: Dealing with being a parent.
  13. MotherThoughts: Great insight into coping with the challenges of motherhood.

Single Parents

Single parents face their own special challenges and struggles. These great blogs can help you find your way as a single parent. Even if you aren’t a single parent yet, these blogs offer great insights that any first-time parent would be glad to have.

  1. Single Parents Blog: Tips and issues related to single parenting.
  2. Jennifer’s Single Parents Blog: Helpful information on handling parenting as a single.
  3. Dad’s House: A looking at single parenting from a dad perspective.
  4. Ms. Single Mama: Life as a single mom, parenting tips and an interesting and genuine perspective.
  5. Single Parents Unite: A blog meant to help single parents find resources.
  6. Single Mom Seeking: A look at family life, dating and parenting.
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