Top 40 Forums & Message Boards for Ultrasound Technicians


It can be very rewarding to be an ultrasound technician. However, sometimes you need a place where you can go to be yourself, and to vent a little. Sometimes, you might want the answer to an important question, or want some information about a technician career. If you want more information on being an ultrasound technician, or if you are looking for a job, or just a place to interact with others, here are 40 forums and message boards of interest:

General Forums and Message Boards for Ultrasound Technicians

If you are looking for a place to generally interact, or to get answers to general questions, these forums and message boards can be quite helpful. Includes radiology technician and related message boards.

  1. Ultrasound Forum & Archives: Post thoughts and questions related to ultrasound technology. This forum is meant for medical professionals involved with ultrasounds.
  2. The Ultrasound Forum: This site helps you keep up with others in the field, and provides a way for you interact on a forum.
  3. Ultrasound Forum: Read about different questions related to ultrasounds, and show your expertise. A great place to learn more about the process.
  4. Echocardiography: This Yahoo group is designed for ultrasound physicians, sonographers interested particularly in the heart.
  5. Canadian Society of Echocardiography: A place for those interesting in cardiovascular ultrasound to hang out and ask questions.
  6. Talking Radiology: A great forum from Advance providing information on a variety of related topics, from ultrasound and sonography to other types of imaging.
  7. radRounds Discussion Forum: Join the discussion at this great forum. Answer questions, and share your experiences.
  8. Radiolopolis: Professionals share information about radiology topics and other related subjects. Some great communities and forums.
  9. Aunt Minnie Forums: Helpful information, interactions and more related to different technician jobs.
  10. Radiology (Diagnostic): Expert forum from MedHelp aimed at radiology subjects. If you know something of the subject, you can share your knowledge. You you can ask a question and improve your knowledge.
  11. The Radiographers’ Alliance: Discuss radiography issues with others when you participate in this discussion forum.
  12. Radiology Forums: Helps you connect with others involved in imaging, even though it is not exactly the same as ultrasound.
  13. Radiography Forum: Information, topics and more related to radiography.

Ultrasound Technician Students

You can visit these message boards and forums to interact with other ultrasound technician students, as well as other radiology students, and find support as a student.

  1. Radiology: This sub-forum at the Student Doctor Network is quite helpful and informative for students who are interested in getting straightforward information.
  2. Dave’s Radiology Student’s Page: Find resources, ask questions, and more on this great page.
  3. Radiography Students: Enjoy chat with other students in the radiological sciences.
  4. Medical School Forum: Offers threads and sub forums on a variety of topics related to medicine, including providing information for ultrasound technician students.
  5. Careers in Medicine: This forum at College Confidential is meant to help students interested in medical careers. This includes those interested in medical technician and ultrasound technician jobs.
  6. Meant to help doctors meet up with medical students.
  7. The Student Room: A great place to go to meet interesting people with all sorts of interests. You can find posts from ultrasound technician students, or those interested in health fields and radiography, as well.

Ultrasound Technician Jobs

Use these message boards and forums to find jobs related to your chosen medical technician field. Find helpful hints on how to apply, and see what jobs are available.

  1. Ultrasound Technician Jobs Forum: offers a forum designed to help you find an ultrasound technician job.
  2. Ultrasound Technologist Jobs: This forum focuses specifically on different types of jobs you can get as an ultrasound technologist. Great research for the job hunter.
  3. Ultrasound Technologist Jobs at Monster: Offers insight into different jobs available to someone with ultrasound knowledge.
  4. Ultrasound jobs in USA: This search result from provides you with a number of opportunities for work as a medical technician and as an ultrasound technician.
  5. Medical Technician Jobs: These jobs provide you with a number of opportunities to look for work as a medical technician. Includes radiology jobs and ultrasound jobs.
  6. Medical Technician Jobs at CareerBuilder: Some great lab jobs, as well as other jobs that are related to medical technology.
  7. Career Center at the American College of Radiology: Create an account and look for jobs. Ask questions and even participate in job fairs.
  8. Health Care Jobs at Simply Hired: You can find a number of health care jobs at this board. Includes some ultrasound and other radiology jobs.
  9. Chat Medical: You find information about healthcare career jobs and training, including jobs related to ultrasound technician.

General Medical and Health Boards and Forums

There are also forums and message boards that address a broad ranges of topics related to medical technicians, and health issues, including ultrasound related subjects. Get access to a wide range of health topics.

  1. HealthBoards Healthcare Professionals Message Boards: Read on a variety of topic related to health and medicine. Also includes information related to ultrasounds, and questions about the career.
  2. Medical Technologists’ Journal: Different subjects relating to med tech. Includes some information that is helpful to ultrasound technicians.
  3. Pregnancy Forum: This forum from ehealth offers information about pregnancy, and addresses issues related to ultrasound as well, including 3D ultrasounds.
  4. eMediNews Health Professional Forum: This general medical discussion forum includes information on different medical fields, and addresses ultrasound careers as well.
  5. Medical Professionals Forum: A place where you can connect with others in the medical profession, and learn from them. Share your own experiences as well.
  6. Healthcare & Medical Professionals Forum: This Linkedin group is meant to help those working in health care. As an ultrasound technician, this can be a valuable resource.
  7. CureZone Forums: Find discussions on a number of different topics related to health and medicine, including questions and answers about ultrasounds.
  8. Forum: Find a number of topics on different subjects related to medicine health.
  9. WebMD Community: Find information on health, developments in medicine, and even information about ultrasounds in some cases.
  10. MomMD: Community aimed at women in medicine. While there is a focus on physicians, there are also threads related to other medical careers.
  11. Health and Human Biology at Live Science: Interesting topics of discussion related to health. This can be interesting for any ultrasound technician or any other health care worker.
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