50 Best Sites for Health and Medical Videos


You know that your health is important; you don’t have to be a health care professional to know that. If you are interested in living a healthier life, it is possible to make changes, and there is plenty of information online. Indeed, it possible to find thousands of videos online that can inform you about better health decisions. If you are interested in living healthier, no matter your career or your salary, you can go to any of these 50 sites for health and medical videos:

General Medicine and Health

These sites offer a number of reliable and informative videos on a variety of topics related to health and medicine. Go here for news about your health, and helpful tips.

  1. WebMD Health Video A-Z: Find reliable information on a number of topics related to health and medicine with these videos from a respected source.
  2. CDC-TV: The Centers for Disease Control offer a number of helpful videos on health and medicine.
  3. NIH VideoCasting and Podcasting: Get access to a number of great videos from the National Institutes of Health.
  4. Video Index – MayoClinic.com: This respected medical institution offers a number of great videos, categorized to help you find the health information you are looking for.
  5. Health Seminar Videos: Johns Hopkins Medicine provides a number of great seminars on different medical subjects.
  6. Discovery Health Videos: Watch videos straight from Discovery Health. Interesting videos on a number of subjects.
  7. MD Kiosk: You can videos certified by physicians. Learn about a number of topics, and find out more about your health.
  8. Health and Medical Videos: EverydayHealth offers a wide selection of videos on health related topics.
  9. Medpedia: This interactive medical encyclopedia includes videos on a number of topics, as well as articles.
  10. VideoMD: Includes thousands of helpful information on health and medicine.
  11. eMedTV: Health information and news, meant to help you learn. There are more than 100 health channels, as well as articles and other helpful resources.
  12. Health Videos from Medical News Today: Get information about different issues related to health, and find out more about different topics.
  13. HealthiNation: Watch videos on different subjects related to health and medicine.
  14. Medical Videos: A number of medical videos. Some are rather graphic, so be careful about what you choose.


Learn about proper nutrition, and how it can help you improve your health. These sites have interesting and information videos to help you.

  1. ScienceDaily: Nutrition Videos: Learn more about nutrition, food, and how what we eat affects our health.
  2. American Dietetic Association: This site includes videos that can help you learn to eat better, and improve food safety.
  3. Nutrition and Food Web Archive: Watch videos related to nutrition, and find out more about what it takes to remain healthy.
  4. Health & Nutrition: Even though these videos are aimed at children, they are still rather informative, offering basic information.
  5. Nutrition: These videos are from the NBC Digital Health Network and can offer some great information.
  6. Nutrition Videos: Healthline offers some great videos on better nutrition and healthy eating.
  7. Health & Nutrition: Howcast offers access to a number of different videos dealing with issues of nutrition and healthy eating.
  8. Healthy Eating Videos & Disease Prevention Videos: A look at different aspects of healthy eating, as well as disease prevention, from Reader’s Digest.
  9. ifood.tv: Get information on food, eating and more.
  10. ABC News Nutrition Online Video: Different videos on a variety of nutrition subjects.


Get more information on exercise. Many of these sites include how-to videos that can help you develop fitness routines and check that you are doing the exercise correctly.

  1. Fitness Videos: Get access to a variety of fitness videos from 5min.com. A great resource.
  2. ExerciseTV: Go here to get great videos that can help you get in shape — and stay in shape.
  3. Video Channel – FITNESS: Great tips, insights and more on better health through fitness.
  4. Physical Activity @ Work: Some helpful videos on exercises you can do while at the office.
  5. PhyscialFitnet: Get exercise videos and browse workouts. A great way to shape up.
  6. Workouts on Demand: A number of workouts that can help you increase your level of physical fitness.
  7. Exercise Videos: Workouts, exercise and more from Men’s Fitness.
  8. Fitness Videos: OVGuide offers a number of fitness videos that can help you with physical exercise, and to address other issues.
  9. workoutz.com: This site is devoted to workout videos and exercise programs. Increase your health and physical fitness.
  10. Exercise Database and Exercise Videos: Choose which muscle groups you want to exercise and watch videos about how to do it.
  11. Sportskool: Watch sports videos, and get tips on how to perform different activities from world class athletes and coaches.

Specific Conditions

Learn about specific health conditions. This can include pregnancy, or a disease. These sites offer information, advice and help.

  1. MedlinePlus: Videos of Surgical Procedures: Watch these interesting videos of surgical procedures.
  2. BabyCenter: Find a number of videos about pregnancy and health, as well as infant health so that you can take good care of your newborn.
  3. Pregnancy Videos: Pregnancy Today has a number of videos that can help you learn to have a healthier pregnancy.
  4. Depression Videos: FamilyDoctor.org offers these helpful video resources on depression.
  5. Depression Issues – Videos: A look at depression and anxiety.
  6. Psych Central: You can watch videos on depression from Psych Central.
  7. Asthma Videos: HealthCentral has some information and helpful videos about living with asthma.
  8. The ADHD Information Library: ADHD videos and podcasts are meant for parents who have children with ADHD. Plenty of other information around the site to help.

Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Medicine

The following sites are concerned with health as it is practiced outside “regular” channels — or in addition to these channels. Find out how you can enhance your health, and improve your outcomes, by adding something a little “alternative.”

  1. altMD: Offers a number of videos related to alternative medicine.
  2. Alternative Medicine: Watch videos on alternative medicine on The Doctor’s Channel.
  3. How Stuff Works: You can get some insight into natural medicine and alternative medicine with these videos.
  4. Alternative Medicine Videos: Helpful videos from NaturalNews.tv.
  5. AcupunctureTube.com: Learn more about acupuncture and other areas of alternative medicine.
  6. Homeopathy Medicine Videos: Watch different videos about homeopathy, learning pros and cons.
  7. Create Your Health: This site includes complementary medicine videos and episodes.
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