Top 25 Web Apps to Help You Through Your Pregnancy


While you can find plenty of pregnancy apps for mobile phones, why go through the expense of purchasing a phone and special apps when you can use online pregnancy tools for free? The following top 25 Web apps can help you through your pregnancy, from conception to delivery. Some apps are downloads, some you can use online to keep records on your health, fitness and pregnancy, and others are included in entire websites, which focus on your health or your pregnancy.

Calculators, Timers, and Tests

  1. Contraction MasterContraction Master: Scroll down to the pink box to use the online free timer. You can print out results, which is convenient if you want to time your trip to the hospital or if you are planning an at-home delivery.
  2. myTelusContractions Timer: This is a free web application written in javascript that can help you and your birth partner keep track of contractions. Once again, you need to have access to an Internet connection to use this tool
  3. Live Pregnancy TestLive Pregnancy Test: This online tool can provide you with a probability of whether or not you are pregnant, based upon your last period, type of birth control and more. Other tools include calculators for due dates and ovulation as well as pregnancy tips.
  4. MedHelpPregnancy Due Date: MedHelp’s free Pregnancy Calendar helps women keep track of everything from baby kicks to pregnancy weight gain. Due dates are based upon Naegele’s rule, which is named after Franz Karl Naegele (1778–1851), the German obstetrician who devised the formula.
  5. CalcNexusPregnancy Calculator: This tool estimates your baby’s due date, ovulation date, end of trimesters and number of weeks along you are on a specified date. This pregnancy calculator only provides estimates of the various dates. The due date normally varies by a couple of weeks and the ovulation date depends on the regularity of your menstrual cycle.
  6. Ticker FactoryPregnancy Ticker: The pregnancy ticker is designed to count your elapsed weeks and days of pregnancy. It will also display the number of days left to your due date or estimated delivery date. This ticker includes many designs that you can use to make it more personal and uniquely yours for your entire pregnancy.
  7. FortuneBabyPregnancy Weight Gain Calculator: An average, healthy woman usually gain between 25 to 35 pounds during her pregnancy. Monitor your weight during pregnancy to stay within healthy limits. Insert your weight before pregnancy and the week of your pregnancy to determine a safe level of weight gain.
  8. IndiaCurryPregnancy Weight Gain Calculator Chart: If the tool listed above isn’t enough for you, then use this chart so you can look ahead week-by-week for your entire pregnancy. Enter pre-pregnancy weight, height, expecting twin, or teen mother. It will calculate your weight-gain on weekly basis.
  9. PregnancyTodayWeekly Pregnancy Calculator: How many weeks pregnant are you? Enter the date of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) and PregnancyToday can calculate a week-by-week timeline for you with this java-enabled tool. Most healthcare practitioners calculate the age of your pregnancy by the number of weeks since your last period (menstrual age). If you want to know the gestational age of your fetus, simply enter the date of conception (or, as an estimate, 14 days before your period was due).

Calendars and Charts

  1. SimpleSpark3D Pregnancy App: Track your pregnancy week by week using this pregnancy calendar. Take a look at how your baby develops over time with 3D images.
  2. Fertility FriendCharting Your Way to Conception: Enjoy this free interactive ovulation chart, where you can pinpoint your fertile days., with a comprehensive chart analysis and an advanced ovulation detector. You also receive a fully-featured ovulation calendar with your cycles “at a glance.” Take their free online course, too.
  3. MysticBoardChinese Pregnancy Calendar 1.0: Download this calendar from cNet to determine your baby’s gender based upon date of birth and date of conception. The logic of this calendar helps you to plan your pregnancy based on your preference to have a boy or a girl. This is a lunisolar calendar which is based on the rotational properties of both the Sun as well as the Moon.
  4. The BumpFertility Chart: The Bump offers a chart that can help you track ovulation, basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and everything else fertility on this handy cycle-length chart.
  5. Immunization and PregnancyImmunization and Pregnancy Chart [PDF]: Use this chart to stay healthy and on target with immunizations for mom and baby, provided by the Centers for Disease Control.
  6. Baby CenterOver-the-counter medications during pregnancy: This chart lists over-the-counter medicines considered “low risk” for pregnant women when taken for the occasional mild illness. It also mentions a few that are not safe.
  7. Just MommiesPregnancy Calendar: Use this free tool to create a calendar and print it out to use during your pregnancy. Just Mommies also has other tools and articles on their site for you to enjoy.
  8. About Dot ComWeek by Week Pregnancy Calendar: This app can help you chart your pregnancy from day one to delivery.

Fitness Tools

  1. American Heart AssociationBlood Pressure Trackers: The American Heart Association offers online blood pressure trackers to help determine if your blood pressure is staying on an even keel.
  2. Body DaemonBodyDæmon: Use this site’s online fitness journal to track your fitness during pregnancy. You get goals, food portions, reports and coaching.
  3. Fit PregnancyFit Pregnancy: This site offers tools, Web apps, suggestions, articles, diets and fashion sense for pregnant women — including all the news about celebrity pregnancies.
  4. Fitness ToolsFitness Tools: This site is filled with Web apps that can keep you healthy before, during and after your pregnancy.
  5. GraffedGraffed: Keep track of how your body is changing during and after pregnancy with this free Web tool. Graffed lets you measure your chest, waist, hips, weight and BMI, giving you a real picture of your transformation by modeling it on a human figure. Graffed lets you track your body measurements on a body shape for free.
  6. WebMDHealth & Pregnancy: WebMD offers a complete checklist of things to do, tools, diets and more for a healthy baby and a fit mom.
  7. iStatsiStats: Use the tools on this site to review your workouts, track your progress toward meeting your goals, and enter in reps, weight, time and more.
  8. SparkPeopleSparkPeople: You may not want to lose weight while pregnant, but this site contains great tools to make sure you are eating right and in the correct portions.
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