Top 50 Pregnancy Blogs: Required Reading


Are you overwhelmed by the material you find online about pregnancy? Why not stick to blogs written by women who are pregnant or who are new moms? According to ProBlogger (Darren Rowse, a full time blogger who makes a living from writing blogs), “Mom blogs are poised to become the next big ‘It’ when it comes to the internet.”

Darren wrote that statement in 2008, and he stated that opinion based upon reasons such as “Moms are record keepers,” and “Mom blogs wield economic power.” In 2009, Mom blogs – especially pregnant moms and new mothers – now provide first-hand experiences with everything from doctors and natural birth to third-trimester munchies.

The following list of fifty pregnancy blogs is divided into categories, such as blogs written from certain perspectives or about specific topics. Each blog then is listed alphabetically within those categories. This is one way to show our readers that we do not favor one blog over another.

Infertility, Adoption and Pregnancy Blogs

  1. A Little Pregnant: Julie speaks her mind on her “misadventures” in infertility, pregnancy and parenthood through this blog.
  2. Arwen/Elizabeth: Arwen began her blog in 2004 as an infertility blog, but she’s since had a daughter. Read about her trials, including topics such as adoption.
  3. Babyfruit: the miscarriage blog and motherhood diaries : This blogger has moved from her “Miscarriage Diaries” and other miscarriage obsessions to pregnancy, pumping breast milk, postpartum depression and mommyhood.
  4. How to Make a Family: The Blog: Tracy Morris covers the baby-making industry from every conceivable angle. Tracy has written for as their first Guide to Infertility (1997-2002) and as a Consultant to Moms Online (1998-2000), which became part of the Oxygen Media network.
  5. Infertility Blog: Dr. Licciardi represents the only male in this list, and his specialties include infertility, reproductive surgery, ovulation induction, IVF and egg donation.
  6. Stirrup Queens: Melissa covers all the angles of adoption, infertility and loss, including diagnoses, tests or surgery, medications and even videos for “how to” on injections.

Natural Birth Blogs

  1. A Much Better Blog: Brought to you by Sheryl, the owner of A Much Better Way & Store, the topics here address everything about non-toxic living, but focuses on women, pregnancy, birthing and parenting.
  2. Childbirth Today From This site is designed specifically for maternal child health professionals who work with expectant families. Great resource for expectant families as well.
  3. Enjoy Birth: This blog is written by Sheridan, a “Hypnobabies Instructor, Hypno-doula, proud VBAC [vaginal birth after cesarean birth] mom, loving lactivist, positive birth story collector and mom of 3 busy boys.”
  4. Natural Childbirth Baby Care: Wendy has a diploma in holistic health therapy and is passionate about natural health care. She provides great resources and answers questions about natural childbirth and baby care.
  5. Natural Pregnancy Project : This blog is a story about one woman’s experience, but she also elicits stories from others and shares those with readers as well.
  6. is operated by Alison and Robert Haasch. Alison is a licensed midwife with LifeSpring Midwifery in Queen Creek, Arizona. Founded in 1999, this site is a growing resource for natural childbirth advocates.

Out-of-the-box Mom Blogs

  1. Baby Bunching: This blog, written by Linda and Cara, is about two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers.
  2. Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck: Amber began blogging before her two children were born. Although Canadian, she lives in Colorado, and she recently launched Mile High Mamas for the Denver Post.
  3. Dooce: Heather now supports herself with this blog, one of the hottest soon-to-be mom blogs around. Beware, as Heather loves “…bourbon, chips and salsa, Britpop, and television that excels at being really awful.”
  4. Motherhood Uncensored: The title says it all, but the topics are fun, too – a college music professor marries a military man and now spends most of her life alone – with kids. And pregnancy. And in-laws…
  5. Suburban Turmoil: Lindsey writes one of the funniest, most engaging and honest blogs on being a daughter, a stepdaughter, a wife, a stepmother and finally a mom.
  6. Two Moms Make a Baby: This blog details the trials and tribulations of a young, urban, interacial, vegetarian, same-sex couple trying to get pregnant, right from the beginning.

Christian Mom Blogs

  1. A Day in the Life of a MaMa: This blog began in 2003, before the youngest daughter, “Peanut,” was born. Follow this blog to learn more about a mom of four and her ins and outs of motherhood (and life in general).
  2. Christian Working Mom: Insights into a Christian working mom’s life. Her link list provides plenty of resources to discover more Christian mom blogs.
  3. Desparately Seeking Sanity: A 30-year-old single mom of two children who is seeking God and a soul mate.
  4. Pregnant Women and Babies: Lily writes several blogs, and most of them concentrate on food, family and Christian philosophy. This blog sticks to pregnancy and motherhood.
  5. Seeking God Knows What : A Christian family experiences open adoption, waiting for adoption number two. Read about their experiences as ethical adoption advocates.

Working Mom Blogs

  1. BellyItch: A thirty-something “mompreneur” with a degree, two boys and a baby girl writes about everything from celebrities to celebrity babies to equally colorful pregnancy and baby toys and tools.
  2. Miracle & Wonder: Celeste is a 30-something marketing professional with a background in international development. She’s also a single mom with twins – after infertility.
  3. The Intrepid Mompreneur: We can’t say it better: “This blog is about how one woman raises two kids, builds multiple businesses, publishes a bestseller, becomes a household name, and moves into her dream house, all while paying child support and alimony to her ex-husband.”
  4. Wonderbelly: Mindy Roberts now works at home, but she’s active with this blog,, and a panelist and She’s also written a book about her family’s adventures.
  5. Work It : This blog is a format for women, moms, wives, workers, managers and more who write about motherhood. Feel free to contribute.

Breastfeeding Blogs

  1. Blacktating: Elita is the mother to a wonderful toddler boy who is still breastfeeding. She was inspired to create the Blacktating blog because of her passionate commitment to breastfeeding.
  2. Breastfeeding Blog: Motherwear offers a supportive, comforting, informational and inspiring blog on breastfeeding.
  3. Breastfeeding Mums: This site provides impartial breastfeeding information as well as blog entries about pregnancy, birth, babies and other relevant advice for parents.
  4. La Dolce Mama Breastfeeding Blog: This blog is brought to you by the company that created stylish nursing wear. The founder, Michelle Barto, is a certified lactation educator and breastfeeding mama.
  5. Mama Knows Breast: This blog is written by a woman with two babes under two and “miles and miles of diapers before I can sleep.”

Dad Blogs

  1. *Almost* a Dad: This blog, created in 2007, offers advice, product information and support for “pregnant dads.”
  2. Dad: About the Boy: This blog, written by a man in the UK, began when his wife was pregnant. Now, he’s a dad, and life is crazy.
  3. Dad Daily: Going strong since 2007, this site is a format for dad blogs, forums, photos and videos.
  4. Dad’s Pregnant: This link takes you to the blogs, but dads can enjoy forums, resources and links and even tap into a “Stuff to Buy” category so dad doesn’t feel helpless and lost…
  5. His Boys Can Swim! This link takes you to “Tarzan’s” side of the Tarzan and Jane story. The whole site is endearing, though – a week-by-week chronicle of a pregnancy.

Pregnancy Advocacy Networks

  1. American Pregnancy Association: Learn more about getting pregnant, infertility, adoption and other pregnancy options as well as labor, wellness and life after pregnancy from this national health organization.
  2. CAP4Kids: The Children’s Advocacy Project helps bridge the gap between the many quality social service agencies in a city and the families that need their help the most.
  3. Family Care International: Family Care International (FCI) was established in 1987. Its founding and continuing vision is a strong commitment to improving maternal health internationally.
  4. MOBI Motherhood International: Mothers Overcoming Breastfeeding Issues was founded by and for mothers who “grieved their unsuccessful breastfeeding relationships.” This is a non-profit organization that sponsors online support groups and more.
  5. MomsRising: Since 2006, MomsRising has been working to bring together millions of people who share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly America. The link goes to this site’s blog.
  6. Pathfinder International: Since 1957, Pathfinder International has maintained an unwavering belief in the right of women and families to have access to contraception and to quality reproductive health care internationally.
  7. Women Deliver: Although this conference occurred in 2007, the site delivers abstracts, Webcasts and other information to help save the lives of women and newborns worldwide.

Baby and Pregnancy News

  1. OB/Gyn: MedPage Today is the only service for physicians that provides a clinical perspective on the breaking OB/GYN medical news that their patients are reading.
  2. Pregnancy and Baby: Learn more about fertility, pregnancy, fetal development and more through this network site that includes message boards and an ultrasound gallery.
  3. Pregnancy and Childbirth News: Sometimes you’ll learn more about tsetse flies than you will about humans; but, this site probably is the most fascinating news feed on pregnancy and childbirth news.
  4. Pregnancy News: Pregnancy News is an EIN News Service for health professionals that is updated constantly.
  5. Pregnancy / Obstetrics News: Medical News Today offers news, useful links and a video library catering to pregnancy and motherhood phases and issues.
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