BS in Medical Imaging Science

As an ultrasound tech, one of the degree options students have is to get a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Medical Imagine Science. This career field allows students to get started working with just on-the-job training, but most employers require their ultrasound techs to have at least an associate’s degree in a related field such as allied health or medical assisting; and many require a bachelor’s degree or more. It is a competitive job market; getting a bachelor’s degree is one of the ways students can stand out in a sea of candidates.

Requirements for Earning a BS in Medical Imaging Science

Getting a degree in medical imaging science typically takes about four years. If students already are working as an ultrasound tech, they may want to consider becoming a part-time student. While this takes longer, it does allow students to earn their degree on a more flexible schedule, especially if they take classes online. Whether students go to school through a distance learning program or as part of a program at a typical campus college, their education will likely include both classroom learning and clinical hours.

Every BS in medical imaging science program is slightly different, but the skills students learn all lead to one goal — to provide better patient care through medical imaging. Some of the skills students learn cover areas such as:

  • Medical Technology
  • Communications
  • Reading patient charts
  • Using and maintaining medical imaging equipment
  • Recording patient information
  • Ethics and Law
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Medical Terminology

Students may also take some classes covering general office tasks, such as scheduling patients appointments, as well as administration and management classes.

Further Information About Medical Imaging Science Programs

Remember, there are scholarships, grants, tuition assistance programs, and other forms of financial aid available for students who are pursuing a BS in medical imaging science. Do some research on the funds available, and there are opportunities to get an advanced degree for a fraction of the normal cost.

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Adventist University of Health Sciences — Founded in 1992, the Adventist University of Health Sciences is formerly the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, a school focused on privding higher education in the several fields of healthcare. The BS in Health Information Technology program prepares students to become radiologic technicians. Adventist University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

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