BA in Medical Technology

A BA in medical technology goes hand in hand with working as an ultrasound tech. As an ultrasound tech, students deal with some of the most expensive and technologically advanced machines available to diagnostic teams at hospitals, clinics, out-patient treatment centers, and other kinds of medical facilities.

Requirements for Earning a BA in Medical Technology

BA in medical technology programs typically take about four years to complete, though some students opt to complete programs more quickly or slowly by changing the number of credit hours they complete each semester. If students are already working in a health-related field as an ultrasound tech, lab technician, medical assistant, or in another position, they can work on their BA in medical technology on a part time basis in order to continue working while they go to school. Some employers even offer tuition assistance programs to help students pay for an advanced degree in their field.

A bachelor’s degree in medical technology allows students to add an extra layer to their education and training as an ultrasound tech. In this field, students cover all of the areas involved with working in a medical laboratory, including techniques involving chemicals, advanced equipment, and microscopical bacterial analysis.

Students also learn the basics of:

Further Information About Medical Technology Programs

Online programs offer an easy solution to students who are worried that they cannot complete a BA program due to work or family schedules. Through distance learning, students can complete classes on their own schedule, working the courses into their free time as is possible. For a BA in medical technology, students typically complete both online classes and clinical hours at a location convenient to them.

Whether students go to school online or at a typical campus college, keep in mind that there are both scholarships and grants available to students to help them pay for their education. Students could go to school for free with a little research into available funds.

Top Online Health Services Programs

Adventist University of Health Sciences
BS in Radiologic Sciences
Adventist University of Health Sciences — Founded in 1992, the Adventist University of Health Sciences is formerly the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, a school focused on privding higher education in the several fields of healthcare. The BS in Health Information Technology program prepares students to become radiologic technicians. Adventist University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

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