Top 50 Free YouTube Videos to Help You Through Your Pregnancy


Some people learn better through visuals rather than through book learning. This is why free YouTube videos about conception, pregnancy, and birth are rewarding for those who are want to conceive or for those who want to work in obstetrics (in areas such as ultrasound) or neonatal care. These videos, some professionally made and some amateur, all try to provide education to the masses on how pregnancy works and how various actions can affect the health of the infant and mother.

The list below is categorized, and each link leads directly to the video at YouTube, where you can lean back, watch, enjoy and learn. All videos were chosen with an eye toward family viewing with older children and toward a more scientific rather than religious perspective. The videos below are listed in logical order, rather than in alphabetical order within consecutive categories.


  1. ConceptionHow to make a baby? A film produced by the Malpani Infertility Clinic that show the scientific process behind conception.
  2. Understanding Endometriosis: A common female health problem, endometriosis, can lead to infertility.
  3. Conception: This BBC mini-documentary shows the moment of conception inside the womb.
  4. Fetal Development: This video shows various infants in equally various stages of development, including ultrasound.
  5. From Conception to Birth: This short video is entitled, “In the Womb,” and shows the growth of an infant in the womb from conception to time for birth through actual images.
  6. How the Body Works: From Conception to Birth: This short film illustrates the growth of a fetus to a child about to be born.
  7. Baby Making Myths: The Truth About Sex Selection: Learn the answers to questions about sex selection from a fertility doctor.
  8. Gender Selection and Sex (Pregnancy Health Guru): Another video that states the choice of gender during conception is, basically, a myth.


  1. 4D UltrasoundHow to Get an Ultrasound for Pregnancy: Dr. Steve Arkin explains ultrasound for pregnancy in this video.
  2. 4D Sonograms: This video explains both 3D and 4D sonograms during pregnancy.
  3. Early Pregnancy Scan: Ultrasound Dimensions in Dublin Ireland offers these images of first trimester development.
  4. Baby at 13 weeks from conception: This ultrasound shows a fetus at age 13 weeks from a side view.
  5. Baby Fransen ultrasound at 16 weeks since conception: This couple learned that they were having a son, and this ultrasound shows his progress at 16 weeks.
  6. Our wonderful baby in 22nd week of pregnancy ultrasound: This ultrasound shows a fetus at the 22nd week of development.
  7. Baby Boy 4D Sonogram: This sonogram shows the clarity of a 4D sonogram at 28 weeks during gestation.
  8. Watch the Baby Grow! Ultrasounds Week by Week During Pregnancy: A series of images with subtitles that show the age of the embryo/fetus in development.

Pregnancy Series

The following videos are contained in a series created by Health Guru. They are short, simple to understand, yet comprehensive.

  1. Month 7Pregnancy: Weeks 1-4, Month 1: If you have a positive pregnancy test, this is what has been happening in the woman’s body during the first weeks.
  2. Pregnancy: Weeks 5-8, Month 2: This video shows what to expect during the second month of a pregnancy.
  3. Pregnancy: Weeks 9-12, Month 3: The embryo transitions to fetus during this month, displaying sex and movements.
  4. Pregnancy: Weeks 13-16, Month 4: During this month, the baby is about the size of a large orange. See what else happens during these four weeks of development.
  5. Pregnancy: Weeks 17-20, Month 5: This is the halfway point in a normal pregnancy, and the fetus is now the size of a small cantaloupe.
  6. Pregnancy: Weeks 21-24, Month 6: Yes, a mother’s shoe size can increase during this month even though the baby now is only one pound in size.
  7. Pregnancy: Weeks 25-28, Month 7: Now’s the time to start talking to your stomach (but only if you’re pregnant). The baby may be able to hear and recognize your voice.
  8. Pregnancy: Weeks 29-32, Month 8: This month represents the most physical changes for the mother with a possible return of morning sickness and an introduction to heartburn, incontinence and “practice contractions.”
  9. Pregnancy: Weeks 33-36, Month 9: These are the final weeks of pregnancy. The baby is now about six pounds and about 20 inches in length.

Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy Issues

  1. 34 Weeks9 Months of Pregnancy + 10 Weeks Postpartum Time Lapse: After watching the series above, this video can show more evidence of the physical changes a woman goes through during pregnancy.
  2. Amniocentesis: Amniotic Fluid Test in Pregnancy: Learn more about this procedure to test the amniotic fluid during the second trimester.
  3. Chromosone Issues — Pregnancy: Burton Rochelson MD, Chief of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Obstectrics at NS/LIJ Healthcare System, talks about this issue.
  4. Ectopic Pregnancy signs & symptoms: Learn the signs and symptoms for this physical issue.
  5. Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment: Animated video that show the remedy for an ectopic pregnancy.
  6. Sex during pregnancy — What’s his problem? Helpful hints and tips to help women understand why he may have some issues with sex during pregnancy and what women can do about it.
  7. Teen Mom Talks Pregnancy: Amanda Ireland, a Gloucester, Mass. teen mother urges her peers against pregnancy and psychologist Lisa Boesky talks about the social problems associated with teen pregnancy.
  8. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss — Miscarriage: Dr. Mark Perloe, Medical Director at Georgia Reproductive Specialists in Atlanta explores this problem.
  9. Postpartum Depression — What You Need to Know: Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Courtney Cox and more have experienced postpartum Depression. Learn more.


  1. Vaginal BirthYour Pre-Labor Checklist: Be prepared for the big delivery day with the advice from this video.
  2. 3D Medical Animation: Birth of Baby (Vaginal Childbirth): Nucleus Medical Art presents a 3D medical animation of a baby’s birth shows a time lapse view of labor and delivery during normal vaginal birth.
  3. Baby caesarean birth C section: This video shows an actual cesarean section birth and how the baby is treated upon delivery.
  4. Cesarean Birth (C-section) Delivery & Birth: This 3D animation shows the common indications for a cesarean delivery, including dystocia, placenta previa, fetal distress and multiple births.
  5. Childbirth Stations of Presentation: Nucleus Medical Art creates another video, this time showing a time-lapse 3D medical animation of the stations of presentation during labor and childbirth.
  6. Epidural & Spinal Anesthesia: This video explains the epidural, a procedure often performed during childbirth.
  7. How the Body Works: Childbirth: This animation shows the birth of a child through normal vaginal delivery.
  8. Inducing Labor: This short video explains labor unduction succinctly.

Hospital Labor and Delivery

This series of amateur videos shows interesting aspects to hospital delivery, including epidural and various medical issues.

  1. Labor and DeliveryLabor & Delivery: The Labor: At home, ready to leave for the hospital and the onset of labor at the hospital.
  2. Labor & Delivery: The Delivery: The actual delivery of this couple’s baby daughter and the baby’s first exposure to hospital treatments.
  3. Labor & Delivery: The First Hours: Part three shows the family and parents reacting to the birth of the baby.

Home and Water Births

  1. Home BirthsHome BirthsDanielle’s Twin Homebirth: Amelia Faith and Annalise Hope were born on Labor Day, 2008, by water method at home with husband and midwife helping.
  2. Homebirth: A non-graphic video of a home birth starting with water and ending outside the water with the help of two midwives.
  3. Home birth/ Water birth of Judah Darwin: Some film, some images in a video presented to the Virginia Birth Matters video contest.
  4. Olive’s homebirth/waterbirth: A brief pregnancy progression and the birth of a second child at home in a waterbirth process with a midwife.
  5. Our Home Births: Three births at home, the second a water birth and the third with surprise twins.
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