10 Interesting Pregnancy Blogs You Can Follow on Twitter


Many women enjoy sharing the stories related to pregnancy. And, for those who are pregnant for the first time (or even for the third time) reading about others’ experiences can be helpful and interesting. No matter your career situation, the support that you can receive from other women is priceless. And you don’t have to be a health care professional to share your thoughts on pregnancy, or to help others. And you can learn a great deal from the everyday experiences of other pregnant women. These 10 fantastic blogs offer helpful information, insight, and articles, and answer questions that may come up along the road. The great thing about them is that you can connect to them via Twitter. So if you don’t have time every day to sit down and read their blogs, you can still be connected to them on the go from your smartphone.

  1. Birthing Beautiful Ideas: Kristen Oganowski is a mother, doula, graduate student, feminist, and writer. Her blog covers anything from pregnancy to birth, to her children and breastfeeding. She offers funny anecdotes about her family, discusses politics, and talks about her work as a doula. You can also follow her Twitter account at @BirthingKristen.
  2. Pregnant Chicken: Amy Morrison is the mother of two boys and a freelance art director/graphic designer from Toronto. Her hilarious blog covers anything you can think of, from pregnancy to birth to amusement parks and even nail polish. She offers posts about different foods, natural remedies, and children’s accessories. Check out her Twitter account, @pregnantchicken, where she “pecks away at the myths of pregnancy.”
  3. My OB said WHAT?!?: This site began as a way to archive various comments made to different women going through the birthing process by doctors, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, and educators. They accept submissions, so you can share your stories with others, and even comment on what other women post about. Follow @MyOBsaidWHAT to read all the crazy stories women share.
  4. Cool Mom Picks: This blog is written by a few different moms who aim to track down cool stuff and picks for moms, and they understand those working within a budget. They also take suggestions if their readers want to suggest different ideas or companies. Their Twitter account, @coolmompicks, provides quick links to all their favorite picks.
  5. Being Pregnant: This site offers a wealth of information, from pregnancy to caring for your baby, toddler, child, and beyond. There are also great resources for mom and dads, and a variety of information about different food and products. Check out Babble.com’s Twitter account, @BabbleEditors, to get the latest news for parents.
  6. Mooshinindy: Casey Mullins is a mother living in Indianapolis, who keeps a blog as a way to keep her family updated on their lives. She writes about being a mother, pregnancy, infertility, photography, and even depression. Follow @mooshinindy for her latest Twitter updates.
  7. FitPregnancy: On FitPregnancy.com, they offer a section called “Ask the Labor Nurse” where they feature various articles on getting pregnant, pregnancy, nutrition and workouts, labor & delivery, motherhood, and great online tools for parents. Their Twitter updates at @fitpregnancy offer even more news and information for pregnant women and new moms.
  8. Digital Mom Blog: This blog is where geek meets parents meets tech meets being a mom. On this site, you can find information about parenting, read the latest tech news, and find tons of great craft ideas. This blog is written by Molly Thornberg, who is a mother of four and contributes to numerous other websites. Follow her on Twitter at @digitalmomblog.
  9. A Little Pregnant: This blog is written by Julie, and she started it as a personal journey during her first IVF cycle. Before conceiving her son after four rounds of IVF, she and her husband experienced an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, and a complicated pregrnancy. Her blog talks about her experiences and what she went through while trying to get pregnant. You can also follower her Twitter account at @alittlepregnant.
  10. Mom in Rome: This blog is written by a 38-year-old architect who lives in Rome with her husband and two dogs. She started her blog when she was pregnant with their daughter, and she wrote about her life during her pregnancy. Now she discusses pregnancy vs motherhood and all the in-betweens. You can follow her on Twitter at @mominrome to read her latest updates on balancing her job, her baby, and her hectic life.
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