Top 50 Blogs for Ultrasound Techs


Are you into ultrasound, or sonographic, imaging and technology? This field encompasses ultrasound (US), but it also touches on magnetic resonance (MR), positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), endoscopy (ENDO), mammograms (MG), digital radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR). The top fifty blogs for ultrasound techs listed below focus on ultrasound, but they also branch out into the various imaging fields noted here.

The blogs are divided into categories and listed alphabetically. This method shows our readers that we do not favor one blog over another.

First-Hand Accounts

  1. Reflections in Real Time: Daniel Merton, a diagnostic medical sonographer, provides his insights into this field.
  2. Scan Man’s Notes: “Random noise, nebulous views and artifacts” from a ‘scan man’ in India.
  3. Stan’s NMR Blog: This is a long-running blog that focuses on NMR, MRI, ESR and NOR.
  4. The Student Radiographer: A student radiographer in London provides updates on his education as a second-year student.
  5. Cochinblogs: Learn from the vast array of images and commentary provided by this blog.
  6. Life in the Fast Lane: This link takes readers to the “investigation [tests]” section of this Web site, where they offer information about various testing practices, including ultrasound.
  7. Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Get your fill of MRI imagery, commentary and notes from this blog.
  8. Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic MRI: This image-centric site serves as a great resource for orthopedic surgeons and other health care professionals.
  9. Sonographers Blog: ARDMS-certified sonographer offers his knowledge on ultrasound to anyone willing to learn.
  10. Spread the Word: A Medical Technology Student’s Perspective: Follow Tiffany Landis as she shares her experiences.
  11. Sumer’s Radiology Site: Sumer Sethi, located in Delhi, India, provides up-to-date images and commentary at his blog.

Company Blogs

  1. Diagnostic Ultrasound: Brian Gill is the President of GPS Medical, Inc., a company specializing in sales and service of diagnostic ultrasound equipment. He specializes in 3D/4D ultrasound techniques as well as evaluating image quality and ease-of-use of various ultrasound models.
  2. First Peek Ultrasound Blog: This blog is maintained by Chicago’s First Peek Ultrasound studio, a 3D and 4D service.
  3. Little Bo Peep: This blog is maintained by the business of the same name, and offers readers information about pregnancy imaging.
  4. MRI Metal Detector Blog: This blog focuses on ferromagnetic detection and MRI safety and screening. Tobias Gilk, who serves as the President and MRI Safety Director for Mednovus, a company that manufactures and sells ferromagnetic detection systems, maintains this blog.
  5. NMR Blog: Learn more about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance from this Norell blog.
  6. SonoWorld: SonoWorld, a division of MedimageWorld, is dedicated to the mission of bringing free or low-cost educational materials and information to the global ultrasound community.


  1. Aunt Minnie: This link goes directly to an ultrasound news source within a portal that provides much more. Register to gain access to imaging communities, education, conferences and a marketplace.
  2. Diagnostic Imaging: This link goes directly to Diagnostic Imaging’s ultrasound page, where they provide news about the industry.
  3. Digitalxrays: This blog focuses on digital x-ray news and events.
  4. Imaging Informatics News: News updates in the field of medical imaging informatics.
  5. Medical News Today Radiology and Nuclear Medicine: This blog includes news on medical imaging — using ionizing radiation, radionuclides. Includes advances in technology, improvements in treatment techniques and much more.
  6. Medscape Radiology: This page within Medscape focuses on imaging news.
  7. Radiology 101: A registered radiologic technician offers news and information about workers who are occupationally exposed to radiation.
  8. Radiology Bulletin: This radiology news site is compiled by the Library at East Cheshire NHS Trust in the U.K.
  9. Science Blog MRI: This page provides news for those individuals who are interested in magnetic resonance imaging updates.
  10. Sonography News: This blog offers diagnostic medical ultrasound imaging news.

PACS (picture archiving and communication systems) Blogs

  1. Dalai’s PACS Blog: Dr. Dalai offers his personal opinions and observations on various PACS projects.
  2. Digital Pathology Blog: Keith is a surgical pathologist who is interested in digital pathology, and he passes his enthusiasm for this field on to his readers.
  3. Health Informatics Blog: A U.K. medical doctor, who currently works as a research fellow at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, offers his insights into health informatics.
  4. Healthcare Informatics Blogs: You can find an array of blogs listed here, mostly provided by CIOs involved in informatics production and sales.
  5. Health Technology Revolution: Geared toward PACS selection, rather than vendors.
  6. PACS-aholic: Cristen Bolan, editor if Imaging Technology news, provides insight into PACS news.
  7. Radiology Today PACS: This link goes to the PACS and informatics entries at this radiology news and opinion site.
  8. The Daily Scan: This blog is maintained by Aperio Technologies, and offers readers various techniques on how to use their tools, news and conference information.


  1. Med Tech Sentinel: Learn about the latest innovations in health and medicine through this blog, part of the OneMedPlace virtual community.
  2. MedGadget: Tap into this site that focuses on medical technology for the healthcare field.
  3. Medical Technology Resources Blog: This news blog is maintained by MTR, a medical services company specializing in drug-delivery technology and the billing of infusion products to healthcare providers.
  4. Research!America: This blog focuses on research that improves health care nationwide.
  5. Tech Blog Romow: This is the official blog of Science and Technology Directory, where you can find information about science and technology in general.

Organizations and Publications

  1. Americans For Responsible Imaging: This group is comprised of doctors and patients who want to “preserve the American Healthcare system.”
  2. AJNR Blog: The American Journal of Neuroradiology provides a blog based upon their recent articles, case of the week, lessons and medical specialties.
  3. British Journal of Healthcare Computing and Information Mangement: You can find information about jobs, news, features and market reports at this site.
  4. Cases Journal: Readers have open access to most articles in this journal. Read about diagnoses, imaging and more here.
  5. Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation: This blog is part of an effort to accelerate and support the clinical adoption of MR-guided focused ultrasound surgery.
  6. Image Blogs: Look to this site to find a number of blogs written at Image Magazine’s online venue.
  7. IVUS News: This ultrasound news site is one of many imaging news features offered by, a physician’s community site.
  8. Radiology: This site belongs to the monthly journal devoted to clinical radiology and allied sciences.
  9. Society for Vascular Ultrasound: You can become a member to gain access to more information, but SVU news frequently is updated on the homepage.
  10. Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography: You must become a member to gain access to the SDMS President’s Blog, discussions and other opportunities for diagnostic medical sonographers.
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