50 Free Sites Where You Can Review Clinical Medical Research


Clinical research is an important aspect of all health care fields, as this research impacts the technology we use and the way we are able to treat patients. Reading about this research and these findings can be interesting for not only health care workers, but anyone who has been a patient before. You can read up on the latest results from trials and studies to give you a good idea of what is happening in the medical world. These 50 websites are excellent resources to read, for free, the results of various clinical medical research that’s happening:

Government Resources for Clinical Research

Governments offer great resources for reading about clinical medical research. Most developed countries have places where the public can go to read about what’s happening in the world of clinical trials.

  1. FDA: This is the Web site run by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. You can find information about pending applications and review regulations and clinical research.
  2. European Medicines Agency: The European Union has its own agency designed to help keep track of clinical and medical research. You can learn about regulations and the results of applications as well.
  3. Therapeutic Products Directorate: This is the Canadian agency that reviews clinical research and sets guidelines for substances used in the country.
  4. Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency: In the United Kingdom, this is the body that is in charge of reviewing clinical medical research and evaluating the effects and usage in the general population.
  5. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: The Japanese site offers interesting information and reviews of medical research conducted for use in that country.
  6. State Food and Drug Administration: Provides information about medical and clinical trials and research for the use of the country of China.
  7. Therapeutic Goods Administration: The Australian agency regulates goods associated with medical and health benefits, and reviews claims of efficacy.
  8. Australian Drug Evaluation Committee: This agency is another one that offers insight into claims made by different companies and shares research and information on drugs seeking approval in Australia.
  9. Swedish Medical Products Agency: Get information from the Swedish government about clinical research and medical information.
  10. Norwegian Medicines Agency: Find out about what is looking for approval in Norway in terms of medicine.
  11. Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products: This is Belgium’s attempt at regulating medicines and sharing some information on testing, trials and medical reviews.

Medical Journals

You may have to pay for print copies, but the headquarters for many journals offer free analysis and reports of the results of clinical trials and medical research. These are quite handy to look at.

  1. The Journal of the American Medical Association: Includes extracts and abstracts of articles, as well as some free full text articles from the journal. Also includes podcasts of audio commentary.
  2. Southern Medical Journal: From the Southern Medical Association, the SMJ is focused on providing information on a number of diseases and areas of medical research. Includes information on spirituality and medicine.
  3. British Medical Journal: Contains news and information on clinical research. Also includes free full text articles on some medical research topics.
  4. The Lancet: In order to read most full articles from this world-renowned medical journal, you will have to pay. However, you can get medical research news, as well as summaries of articles and clinical results, for free.
  5. Canadian Medical Association Journal: Provides a number of PDF articles as well as online articles that you can peruse with regard the latest developments in medicine.
  6. Calicut Medical Journal: This free journal provides access to information on medical research and clinical trials from alumni of the Calicut Medical College in India.
  7. Highwire Press: This is a service from Stanford University that offers free, online full-text articles related to medical and clinical research.
  8. Medscape: A service from WebMD provides the latest news and information from the medical research field, as well as free full-text articles from a variety of medical journals.
  9. Free Medical Journals: Offers access to content from some medical journals. Provides information about different area of medicine.
  10. Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research: You can find access to a number of free medical journals by going through this Web site. Get them in German, French, Spanish and Italian in addition to English.
  11. Carpenter Center Library: This is a service from Wake Forest University that offers a directory to free medical journals and databases.
  12. JournalWatch: Summarizes information and medical research from a number of journals.

Pharmaceutical Research

One of the most common types of clinical research is done with pharmaceutical drugs. You can find a great deal on different types of pharma research online. There are several sites that can help you look over the latest findings and review some of what is up and comping in the pharmacy world.

  1. Pharmaceutical Business Review: Offers information related to pharma as a business. Get the latest results on clinical trials and medical research, and keep up to date on what’s happening in different phases of different trials.
  2. DrugLib.com: Learn about different drugs, and review their effectiveness and the results of clinical trials and research.
  3. PHRMA.org: Provides news, information  and results on the latest drug clinical trials.
  4. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research: Get information on pharma research and the results of clinical trials.
  5. Pharmacist.com: This is the Web site of the American Pharmacists Association, and provides information on drug trials and results, as well as news.
  6. Cafe Pharma: A great place to congregate to get the latest news from around the Web related to drugs, drug trials and pharma research.
  7. BioSpace: A community focusing on pharmaceuticals and on the news related to clinical research.
  8. Pharmaceutical Market Research Reports: Even though you have to pay to get some of the reports on pharma research and clinical trials, there are some free sections of this site that provide no-cost access to information.
  9. Pharmaceutical Industry Blog: BusinessWeek helps you keep up to date on the latest in pharma, as well as provide some information on the outcomes of clinical trials.

Clinical Trials and Medical Research News

There are some sites that offer information on specific types of clinical trials and their results. Visit them to learn about different subjects in medical research.

  1. Cancer.gov Clinical Trials Home Page: This is from the National Cancer Institute in the U.S., and provides the outcomes of cancer clinical trials, as well as help locating clinical trials.
  2. Clinical Connection: Learn about clinical trials, what is happening with them and who sponsors them. Also get health news, results and more.
  3. Clinical Trial Results: Get a look at different clinical trials, and find their results. Includes news and multimedia.
  4. CenterWatch: Provides news and information on clinical trials, and results of medical research.
  5. Medical News Today: Includes information on drug trials and other medical research. Health news headlines and information on a range of diseases.
  6. Healthcare Finance News: Focuses on the business and finance side of medical research. Offers news and clinical trial research results.
  7. The Medical News: Looks at the latest in medical research and results.
  8. SciCentral: Health and Medical News: This section of the SciCentral Web site focuses on medical research and clinical results.
  9. Science Daily: Plenty of news from the world of medical and clinical research.
  10. Molecular Station: Medical news and information focusing on molecular biology.
  11. MDLinx: This is an interesting service that summarizes the news and journal articles from a variety of sources and then delivers them to your email address.

Learn About Clinical and Medical Research Design

Get educated about what goes into clinical trials, and how medical research is performed. Learn about how trials are designed and carried out.

  1. ClinicalTrials.gov: Learn about the requirements of clinical trials and what they are meant to accomplish.
  2. Learn About Clinical Trials: This primer from the University of Michigan is rather educational.
  3. Drug Creation Process: Get a quick overview, from Wyeth — a pharma company – – about the drug creation process. Also includes clinical trial results and listings.
  4. Types of Trials: This page from the Moffitt Cancer Center is very helpful in learning about the different trials available, and how they work. Also provides searches of active trials, and videos.
  5. Clinical Trials: This page from the Canadian government describes the ethics involved when using human participants in clinical trials.
  6. Making Sense of Medical Research: This resource guide helps you figure out how medical research works.
  7. Adaptive Clinical Trials: An overview of adaptive clinical trials, which are growing in popularity.
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