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20 Useful Pharmaceutical Search Engines

Americans, both patients and professionals, who look for for medical information online turn to search engines two-thirds of the time when they are seeking answers, according to a study by Manhattan Research. More US adults use the internet than they … Continue reading

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Top 25 Web Apps to Help You Through Your Pregnancy

While you can find plenty of pregnancy apps for mobile phones, why go through the expense of purchasing a phone and special apps when you can use online pregnancy tools for free? The following top 25 Web apps can help … Continue reading

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25 Google Chrome Extensions Every Parent Needs

Google Chrome is beloved by many users, but it failed to live up to Firefox’s reputation because of a lack of extensions for the Chrome Browser. Now, however, Google Chrome has enough extensions to rival Firefox, and some duplicate and … Continue reading

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Top 50 Free YouTube Videos to Help You Through Your Pregnancy

Some people learn better through visuals rather than through book learning. This is why free YouTube videos about conception, pregnancy, and birth are rewarding for those who are want to conceive or for those who want to work in obstetrics … Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About the Male Birth Control Pill

Depending upon funding, it appears that new methods for birth control are on the horizon — for men. While men and women both have their thoughts about the ability for men to take control over their sexual lives in a … Continue reading

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10 Medical Careers to Work for a Pro Sports Team

Are you interested in working with your favorite sports team or athlete as a medical professional? Fortunately for you, many medical fields hold specializations for sports, often known as ‘sports medicine.’¬†You can enter the field as a dietician or nutritionist, … Continue reading

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Top 50 Blogs for Ultrasound Techs

Are you into ultrasound, or sonographic, imaging and technology? This field encompasses ultrasound (US), but it also touches on magnetic resonance (MR), positron emission tomography (PET), computed tomography (CT), endoscopy (ENDO), mammograms (MG), digital radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR). … Continue reading

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10 Famous People Whose Careers Began in Medicine

You probably know that Edie Falco never studied medicine, although she plays Nurse Jackie in a show by the same name. And, the entire cast of Gray’s Anatomy includes actors and actresses who never entered college classes for medicine, although … Continue reading

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25 Free Open Courseware Classes About Your Health

Do you want to know more about your health, but were afraid to ask? You can learn more about what affects your health (and, how your health affects others) in a variety of free open courseware classes, offered by some … Continue reading

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50 Fun iPhone Apps to Get Kids Reading and Learning

Do you own an iPhone? Do you also have toddlers or kids who are about to enter school? Put the iPhone and the kids together with some of the apps listed below to keep the kids busy as they prepare … Continue reading

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