BS in Radiological Sciences

While students can get started working as an ultrasound tech with an associate’s degree or even just on-the-job training, many employers prefer students who have at least a bachelor’s degree. Getting a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Radiological Sciences can not only help students get a job initially, but it can also help them earn a promotion to work in a managerial or administrative role in their field.

Requirements for Earning a BS in Radiological Sciences

Earning a BS in radiological sciences typically takes about four years, but this can vary depending on how many credit hours students complete every semester. For those who already have a job as an ultrasound tech or in a related field such as medical assistant or laboratory technician, part-time programs, especially those offered online, provide a flexible option for students.

Every BS in radiologic sciences program is slightly different, but they all help students achieve an education in using the technologies involved in radiology and helping doctors diagnose and treat patients. This degree also covers topics relating to management and administration, in order to prepare students for leadership roles in the field. Many programs allow students to choose elective courses related to their specific radiological science area of interest.

A student’s education will likely include:

  • Classroom learning (online or campus)
  • Training on different equipment
  • Clinical hours, where they get a chance to participate in hands-on learning experiences with real patients and real equipment

Further Information About Radiological Sciences

The field of radiology is changing rapidly as researchers develop new treatment options and machines to help ultrasound techs do their jobs. This is a great career area if students are flexible and easily adaptable workers. After students get their BS in this filed, they can start working in their career area or they can choose to get their master’s degree in radiology or a related field to qualify for even more advanced positions.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Radiologic Sciences

Top Online Health Services Programs

Adventist University of Health Sciences
BS in Radiologic Sciences
Adventist University of Health Sciences — Founded in 1992, the Adventist University of Health Sciences is formerly the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, a school focused on privding higher education in the several fields of healthcare. The BS in Health Information Technology program prepares students to become radiologic technicians. Adventist University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

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